Monday, February 25, 2013

Synopsis of National Convention

The following is a brief synopsis of the PPUI National Convention which took place at Athlone Springs Hotel on Saturday February 25th 2013

The Anti-Discrimination motion, proposed by Cunnigar, 
was passed.

Some of the changes that were made to our game last weekend are set out below

The Handicap Structure has been Changed. 
Handicaps in all grades have been changed by one point i.e. 
Men's Senior Grade is now +3 to -2.
Men's Intermediate Grade is now-3 to -7. 
Men's Junior Grade is now -8 to -15.
Ladies Senior Grade is now scratch to -5.
Ladies Intermediate grade is now -6 to -11. 
Ladies Junior Grade is now -12 to -18.
Handicap increases(Shots Back) can now be applied for twice a year There are certain conditions attached to these applications.

The Juvenile system is being drastically changed. It will revert back to under 18. There will be a 2 year transition period to complete this change. The NEC has committed to assist all  clubs during this transition, and to put in place the neccessary safeguards for both Juvenile and Adult players.

Pitch marks off the green can now be repaired during play.

The 3 club motion was defeated.

Our neighbours, Claycastle Pitch and Putt Club, were awarded the title of Club of the Year, and many congratulations to them for this outstanding achievement.

I'm sure more details about all the above will be available in the very near future.