Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mens Matchplay League

Mens Matchplay League  

The inaugural Men’s Matchplay League is now in full swing, and all the participants are enjoying the challenge.

This league has been sponsored by The Shamrock Restaurant, O’Connell St., Dungarvan, and the club is most appreciative of such a very generous gesture by this popular local restaurant.

This is a new competition format for the club, and will give everyone, especially the inter-club team, some badly needed practice in a Matchplay setting.
There are 14 players in total taking part in the league which means there will be 13 rounds of games. Each and every one of the participants is capable of winning this league, and we look forward to some fiercely competitive matches in the coming weeks. Best of luck to all the lads!


Paul O'Riordan          v Michael Havens

Aiden O'Rourke         v  Liam Simms

John Charles              v Paddy Noonan

Stephen Donovan     v Eoin Simms

Patsy Hackett             v Colin Houlihan

Paul Healy                  v Declan Byrne

Michael A'Hearne      v Finbar O'Rourke


Michael Havens          v    Stephen Donovan

Declan Byrne              v   Aiden O'Rourke

Paul O'Riordan           v    John Charles

Patsy Hackett              v   Paul Healy

Paddy Noonan            v     Eoin Simms

Finbar O'Rourke          v    Colin Houlihan

Liam Simms                 v     Michael A'Hearne

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