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notes 28/06/2015


Fundraiser For The Club

We are looking for unwanted clothes, bags, shoes, bed linen, towels, curtains, belts and soft toys, also laptops and phones with leads are accepted so anyone with anything to give us can tell a committee member or bring it to our club house before 15th July 2015.

Coaching Lessons
The coaching lessons went very well for the month of June, a big thanks to Cait and all who helped during these weeks.

Committee Meeting
Our next committee meeting will be on 2nd July after the game this is an important one before the Gents National Strokeplay Championships.

Major fixtures for the coming year.
All Ireland Gents Strokeplay                      July 25th+26th
Butchers Block                                                           August 8th
Closing date Munster Mixed Foursomes              July 22nd
so everyone get practising.
please note if names are not paid for they will not be sent away.

Ladies Night at Hillview

Everyone who travelled to Hillview, Clonmel on Friday last had a great night as always with a fun game, great food and a night full of craic.  A big thank you to Hillview for this great annual event.

Monday Evening Scrambles are now underway names in by 6pm tee off 6.30pm.

Nett         Breda Murphy, Liam Simms
Gross     Cait Mulcahy, Paul Healy

Wednesday tournaments

Names to be in for 10am tee off 10.30am
Nett       Bridget Walsh, Breda O'Donnell
Gross     Ann Wall, Lorraine Troy
Thursday Tournamet

Names to be in by 6pm tee off at 6,30pm
Nett     Marie Forde, Liam Simms
Gross   Corinne McGee, Mary O'Neill

From now on with all games please note:
The inexperienced player on each team will now mark the card (this is to get used to marking cards) 

Juvenile Competitions

The juvenile league is now underway, theres been a great turnout every sunday and all are enjoying the leagues.
All members are welcome to play from now on it will be Fridays at 1pm.
This week we held a Nett competiton with Fionn Nagle  in the lead with 24 points, James O'Donnell is 2nd with 20 points, Louis Simms and Jamie Healy closely following with 16 points and Rory Mulcahy has 12 points and Jamie Mulcahy with 8 points.

Ladies and Gents Munster Strokeplay Finals
Last Sunday saw our members entering the Munster Strokeplay Finals, Fermoy for the ladies and Riverdale for the Gents, even with some great scores we couldnt bring home any winners but well done to everyone who played.

Inter Club Competiton
we are playing Bagenastown of Carlow at Tramore on saturday 4th July in the next round of the Inter Club Competition, Players are to meet at club house at 9.15 am good luck to our team.
This week The Cunnigar hosted the Inter Club Competiton between St Pats of Enniscorthy and Tipperary Hills with the Tipp club coming out on top by 6 and half to 2 and half.

Hole in One
Last year we held a Hole in one competiton
 so we will continue with a prize for the most hole in ones during the club competiton season this year as it proved very popular.
There's fierce competiton already with everyone trying to get the ultimate hole in one.
To date Patsy Hackett (3), Liam Simms(3),Paddy Noonan (2) ,  Michael Ahearne, Declan Byrne each have one each.
Breda O'Donnell (3) and Jacinta O'Mahoney (2) Bridget Walsh(2), Cait Mulcahy and  Mary O'Neill now has a hole in one for the womens section.

Bonus Number

Bonus number 4 the  winner this week  was Cait Mulcahy.

Pitch Marks
Leaving Pitch Marks when playing destroys the greens, it takes a lot of care and attention to keep them in pristine condition, so all members and green fees are asked to repair them and use the correct repairer when doing so.
Also do not use the club head to take balls out of holes on greens as this damages the hole.
If anyone has an hour or two Mondays to Fridays to spare to give a hand helping on the course you would be very welcome.

Did you know?

The flag must be removed from the hole and placed off the green when putting.

Membership Fees
Adults                80 euro
Family              150 euro
Over 60's           50 euro
Juveniles            45 euro
Life Members    30 euro

Tee shirts and caps and gloves are for sale in club house

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