Saturday, August 16, 2014

Work on course

There is spectacular work being done on the course which people do not realise, the course is in spectacular condition from the greens to the fairways to the work done on the drainage to give our members and visitors some wonderful games of pitch and putt.

Micky helping Brendan!!!!!!

And we thank all our voluntary helpers for all the work they do throughout the year.

We thank all our UNKNOWN CLUB MEMBERS for all their voluntary work they do throughout the year.

"We all know them, the people who are out swishing the greens first thing in the morning, closing the gate last thing at night, in between they collect green fees, make coffee for those visitiors from a neighbouring club. cut the greens and fairways, trim the bunkers and ditches, paint the tee boxes, remove the broken tees, change the holes, drive the machinary helping with the drainage. They then turn their attention to the clubhouse and clean the kitchen, mop the floor, make sure all the delft and cutlery are clean, check there is plenty tea, coffee and biscuits and, of course, make sure that the toilets are all ship shape and clean.
They will be the people staggering under the weight of trays of soft drinks, every month their cars will be crammed with crisps, chocolate and minerals as they scout for bargains in the local supermarket.
After that they move to competitions and registrations and make sure that all the entries are on time.
Come the week of the Club Scratch Cup they will be there to fill in on the book when necessary and their card checking and score recording are legendary. Then to crown it all when A.G.M time comes around and the members are battering the ditches to press gang any and everyone for just one year they are always the     OLD RELIABLES
Do all those tasks strike a chord with you?
Are you in fact one of those unknown members? If so take a bow because, without you and the help of Miroslaw, Darren, John and the Council nobody would ever be presented with a prize because the Club would grind to a halt. 
If however you are one of those who look on and grumble and never volunteer then maybe it is time you did.  This game can give enormous pleasure but it also carries responsibilities.  Help out if and when you can and reduce the load on the 
                            UNKNOWN MEMBERS."

if anyone has an hour or two to spare to give a hand helping on the course you would be very welcome.

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