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notes 05/04/2015

in the photo is the Pubs League Cup and some of the Juveniles at their easter game


Pubs League Sponsored by The Anchor Bar

 This competition is open to the general public.  
Anyone can make up a team of three and their names can be handed into the clubhouse.
On any team there can only be one registered member of the PPUI  IF  playing. 
It is NOT a neccessity to have a member of the PPUI as this is a fun tournament for everyone to play in.
The names are to be in for 9th April and the draw will take place on the 10th April

The Anchor Bar
at 7.30pm

so get your teams ready for this great fun game.

Ladies National  Social Day 

This year on the 18th April we have the honour of hosting the Ladies National Social Day, so anyone with a few spare hours during the next 2 weeks are welcome to come along and help get our course in the pristine condition that it is well known for.

Major fixtures for the coming year.
Ladies National Day                          April 18th 
Cunnigar Scratch Cup                              May 9th
County Board Strokeplay                         May 24th 10am
Presidents Day ( Patsy Hackett)               June 14th 
All Ireland Gents Strokeplay                   July 25th+26th
Butchers Block                                         August 8th
so everyone get practising.

Wednesday tournaments
Names to be in for 10am tee off 10.30am
4th March 
Nett        Breda O'Donnell, Margaret Enright
Gross      Carmel Fitzgerald, Marie Forde

Saturday Tournament
Names to be in by 1pm tee off 1.30pm
Nett     Jacinta O'Mahoney, Michael Havens
Gross  Marie Forde, Marie Forde

From now on with saturday games please note:
The inexperienced player on each team will now mark the card (this is to get used to marking cards) 

Juvenile Competitions

The juveniles had their easter game and there was a great turnout on a lovely but breezy day.
We'll be back to sundays at 1pm for the following weeks. 
Well done lads, keep up the playing and enjoy

Mens Matchplay League  

The inaugural Men’s Matchplay League is now in full swing, and all the participants are enjoying the challenge.

This league has been sponsored by The Shamrock Restaurant, O’Connell St., Dungarvan, and the club is most appreciative of such a very generous gesture by this popular local restaurant.

This is a new competition format for the club, and will give everyone, especially the inter-club team, some badly needed practice in a Matchplay setting.

After the first three rounds, the top of the league is shared by Declan Byrne and Aidan O’Rourke, who both have won their first three games and have 6 points each. They are closely followed by Eoin Simms on 5 points. There are 14 players in total taking part in the league which means there will be 13 rounds of games. Each and every one of the participants is capable of winning this league, and we look forward to some fiercely competitive matches in the coming weeks. Best of luck to all the lads!


Paul O'Riordan      v Patsy Hackett

Eoin Simms           v Aiden O'Rourke

John Charles         v Michael A'Hearne

Stephen Donovan  v Paddy Noonan

Paul Healy              v Colin Houlihan

Liam Simms            v Declan Byrne

Michael Havens      v Finbar O'Rourke


Michael Havens          v    Liam Simms

Paul Healy                  v    Michael A'Hearne

Eoin Simms                 v    Paul O'Riordan

Declan Byrne              v    Stephen Donovan

Colin Houlihan            v    John Charles

Finbarr O'Rourke        v     Patsy Hackett

Paddy Noonan            v     Aiden O'Rourke

Hole in One
Last year we held a Hole in one competiton
 so we will continue with a prize for the most hole in ones during the club competiton season this year as it proved very popular.
There's fierce competiton already with everyone trying to get the ultimate hole in one.
To date Patsy Hackett (3), Michael Ahearne, Liam Simms, Paddy Noonan each have one each.
Breda O'Donnell (2) and Jacinta O'Mahoney (2) and Cait Mulcahy has now has a hole in one for the womens section.

Bonus Number

Bonus number 44 the  winner this week  was Claire Hackett.

Pitch Marks
Leaving Pitch Marks when playing destroys the greens, it takes a lot of care and attention to keep them in pristine condition, so all members and green fees are asked to repair them and use the correct repairer when doing so.
Also do not use the club head to take balls out of holes on greens as this damages the hole.

If anyone has an hour or two Mondays to Fridays to spare to give a hand helping on the course you would be very welcome.

Did you know?
Course Etiquette
You may not tee off until the players in front have finished play on the green and walked to the next tee box.

Membership Fees
As of 1st March anyone who has not paid membership

for 2015 will be paying greenfees.
Adults                80 euro
Family              150 euro
Over 60's           50 euro
Juveniles            45 euro
Life Members    30 euro

Club jumpers, tee shirts and caps and gloves are for sale in club house

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