Sunday, January 17, 2016

notes 17/01/2016

in the photo are Corinne McGee presenting Breda O'Donnell with her Hole in One Prize 2015

due to the bad weather we have had our course has been closed, and will be closed until further notice.
We hope this will be sooner rather than later so fingers crossed for better weather coming our way.

The following competitions will take place as soon as possible, when the course is playable again.

Men's Foursomes Competition

After three competitive preliminary rounds, the following four teams have emerged to contest the semi-finals of this competition; 

Team C: Eoin Simms and Aidan O'Rourke 
Team D: Michael Ahearne and Liam Simms 
Team E: Paddy Noonan and Liam Hansbury 
Team F: Eddie Lenihan and Paul Healy. 

Ladies Matchplay

The following ladies to reach the semi-finals are:
Corinne McGee  v Kathleen Foran
Mary Walsh         v Breda O'Donnell

Wednesday tournaments

Cancelled due to the weather

Saturday turkey tournaments
Cancelled due to weather.

From now on with all games please note:
The inexperienced player on each team will now mark the card (this is to get used to marking cards) 

Bonus Number

This weeks winner of the bonus number is Michael O'Mahoney with number 38 .

Pitch Marks
Leaving Pitch Marks when playing destroys the greens, it takes a lot of care and attention to keep them in pristine condition, so all members and green fees are asked to repair them and use the correct repairer when doing so.
Do not use club heads to repair a pitch mark as this damages the green. Always use a pitch repairer
Also do not use the club head to take balls out of holes on greens as this damages the hole. 

If anyone has an hour or two Mondays to Fridays to spare to give a hand helping on the course you would be very welcome.

Did you know?

New Membership Fees are now:

Adults                     85 euro
Family                155 euro
Over 60's              55 euro
Juveniles               50 euro
Life Members       35 euro

remember pitch and putt is only a game so go out and enjoy it.

T.shirts, caps and gloves for sale in club house.

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